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What is a school for children nowadays?

My son is handicap child and bullying started since 6th grade of elementary school. Until 5th grade, not much bullying. Because the teachers have been paying attention more carefully at school what was going on. But from 6th grade the class teacher did not take care so carefully. Then right away, bullying started. Children are clever, if nobody is paying attention, not watching, they do whatever they want.

This was such an obvious case what teacher means. It was first time my son said he did not want to go to school any more. And I did not wonder, because of the teacher and teasing.

I had feeling every day I put my son to the wild animals cage when I saw off him to school. It has been really really sad feeling and worrying his school time every single day. It has been hurting me all the time. If possible I did not want to send him to school any more.

It has been so many cases of bullying at school, and actually too many.

Why ?

Because nobody is really controlling / teaching children how to behave. Children are often like wild animals, and need to be taught and trained.

Who can teach and how ?

At school teachers and at home parents, of course. But it looks teachers are not using / spending so much time to teach how to behave and even though they noticed children’s bad behavior, they don’t care so much. And finally big problem happened, then have a school meeting. But It is too late.

There are cases happening everywhere everyday on the street, in the shop, at the pool, at the park, bullying, bad behavior, but most of adults don’t care. Why ?

I have heard teachers are so tired to take care of bullying. But they have to. It is more important job to teach how to behave than teaching subjects. It will be a terrible society if we just let children to go on the bullying and whatever they do. Teachers should be more strict as well as parents.

And why so many evil children all over nowadays ? What made children worse than wild animals?

Whole society is too tired to take care of children ?

From another point of view, children are victims of society. Children are mirror of society, which means our society has a big problem. Unemployed, alcoholic, divorce, we of the parents have also a lot of problem, but we have to take care of children whatever happened to our lives. It is our duty once we have got children until we die.

I wish to teachers : to watch more carefully what is going on each pupils through school time.

I repeat again that the most important task for teachers is not just teaching subjects, but to lead and teach how to live proper way to get along with other people and behave, how to be nice and help each other. Isn’t it so ???

I wish to parents: even though we are tired from daily work and life, let’s try to take care of children, not just let them be free as wild animals.

We can cooperate and take care of children, otherwise our future will be under dark cloud.

We have to exchange opinion and make plans what now we can do for our children.

admin2 • 2014-11-03

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