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My sister

I have a sister. She is the sweetest girl I have ever known, the kind that is almost too kind for her own good. The only people she is capable of becoming angry with are the ones she truly trusts. Like me, her brother. Even then I have never heard her utter anything reminiscent of an insult.  She doesn’t even think the person that makes her life a living hell deserves her wrath. This girl is incapable of screaming “I hate you!” at person that has been telling her the very same thing for years, for fun. I tried to show her tough love, to make her strong, to make her believe in herself. But it didn’t work, and I realized something else. A being that has ever only expressed kindness, should never have to be forced to express anything else. My sister shouldn’t need to learn the ways of war to survive, she would no longer be her.

My sister is being bullied, and anyone, like me, who has been bullied themselves know that it doesn’t stop until the bully wills it. No matter what the adults do. These people think it’s funny to take images of her without her permission and send them around through whatsapp and snapchat. When my sister describes the feeling of worthlessness she feels when they won’t listen to her explanations of disapproval. I break. I doubt they are capable of comprehending the pain they are inflicting and I do only because I have felt it before myself. Nevertheless this has to stop.

I was bullied during elementary school much like my sister is now. I know exactly how it feels and when she comes home and describes the terrible events of the day, every day, I get genuinely angry at people I have merely seen passing by before. I have moved on from elementary school and I only hear stories about the things they do to my sister. My second sibling told me about a conversation she had overheard between one of the bullies and some neutrals. The bully was bragging with how she had made my sisters life miserable the last several years and was wondering whether they would like to help her keep doing it. This disgusting fact is what made me act! However this is a problem without a “quick fix”. The solution isn’t obvious although people would like to think it is. This a problem that cannot be fixed with the push of single simple button. You need to press multiple different ones in a complicated and difficult sequence. If you don’t, you make it worse. Still, I want to try.

Bullies base their influence on underdogs, they gain confidence by stepping on others and walking above them in order for the people around them to feel as if they are worth less than the bully. Keeping the people too afraid to take action against them. But social status is like a Jenga tower, the higher it gets, the less stable it becomes. What we are going to do is shake the table, hard. We are going to encourage the people oppressed by bullies to stand up for each other. We are going to, through social media, publicly display our disapproval of these actions. We will show everyone, that we will not silently accept this kind of behavior.

People including my sister are being abused on a daily basis and I, YOU, should do something about it. I know most people are already against bullying but don’t act because they don’t know what to do. All that needs to be done is to display the fact that you are against it. Share this it, make your own or just add to it, I don’t care, just spread the word and do what you know is right. Bullying NEEDS to be stopped by the people that have experienced and seen it first hand, not the ones that are told about it. And what they need is a crowd behind them, or they will NEVER succeed. I want this to go viral! I am fully aware that the public is a volatile element and that I am essentially playing with fire, so I want the readers of this to keep in mind that the bullies are people too. Confused and scared individuals that have gotten used to a behavioral pattern that they don’t know how to break. We are here to help them do that if they want to, and to force them to if they don’t, NOT to judge and punish them.

I wrote this some time ago, I was going post this on social media but I never did. Instead this text was sent directly to the school in question. Since then my sister has been left in peace. This gives me incredible satisfaction, I also know that while I may have won some battles the war has barely begun. I orginally wrote this to help everyone and I did it in english so that a wider range of people would be able to understand. And since I do still wish to inspire others, here it is, with personal details removed and anonymous so as to protect those involved in my experiences. Thank you very much for reading. Thank you.

admin1 • 2014-11-05

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